Beers available – 09.08.2016

Note that not all beers might be available on the following days.

If you can’t find the beer you’re looking for on our list, don’t hesitate to contact us and we’ll try to find it for you!


Description Country Brewery Vol Style New Stock level
Hemel & Aarde Bourbon BA Netherlands De Molen 11.00% Imperial Stout Limited availability
Nøgne Ø  Imperial Stout Norway Nøgne Ø 9.00% Imperial Stout
Nøgne Ø IPA Norway Nøgne Ø 7.50% IPA Limited availability
Five AM Red Ale Scotland Brewdog 5.00% Amber Ale
Dead Pony Pale Ale Scotland Brewdog 3.80% Session IPA
Jack Hammer Scotland Brewdog 7.40% IPA
Rochefort 10 Belgium Rochefort 11.30% Quadrupel Limited availability
Westmalle Dubbel Belgium Trappisten van Westmalle 7.00% Dubbel Limited availability
Westmalle Tripel Belgium Trappisten van Westmalle 9.50% Tripel
Lindemans Pêcheresse Belgium Lindemans 2.50% Lambic Style – Fruit Limited availability
St-Feuillien Mathusalem Belgium St Feuillien 8.50% Tripel Limited availability
Quilmes Argentina Cerveceria Malteria Quilmes SAICAY 4.90% Pale Lager Limited availability
Augustiner Lager Hell Germany Augustiner-Bräu 5.20% Helles
Augustiner Edelstoff Germany Augustiner-Bräu 5.60% Helles
Störtebeker Atlantic Ale Germany Störtebeker Braumanufaktur 5.10% American Pale Ale
Störtebeker Bernstein-Weizen Bio Germany Störtebeker Braumanufaktur 5.30% Hefeweizen
Flying Dog Raging Bitch US Flying Dog Brewery 8.30% IPA Limited availability
St. George Lager Ethiopia BGI 4.70% Lager
St. George Amber Ethiopia BGI 6.00% Amber Lager
Salamandre Switzerland BFM 5.50% Witbier
Cuivree Switzerland BFM 4.50% Altbier Limited availability
La Meule Switzerland BFM 6.00% Spiced Limited availability
Torpille Switzerland BFM 7.50% Belgian Strong Ale
Alex le Rouge Switzerland BFM 10.28% Imperial Stout
L’Abbaye de Saint Bon-Chien 2014, Switzerland BFM 11% Sour/Wild Ale
Delirium Christmas Belgium Brasserie Huyghe 10% Tripel
Früh Kölsch Germany Cölner Hofbräu Früh KG 5.20% Kölsch Limited availability
Tegernseer Hell Germany Brauhaus Tegernsee 4.80% Helles
Weihenstephaner Hefeweissbier Dunkel Germany Staatsbrauerei Weihenstephan 5.30% Hefeweizen – Dunkel Limited availability
Störtebeker Schwarz-Bier Germany Störtebeker Braumanufaktur 5% Schwarzbier
Thornbridge Sequoia England Thornbridge Brewery 4.50% Amber Ale Limited availability
Club Colombia Colombia Grupo Empresarial Bavaria 4.70% Pale Lager
Hardcore IPA Scotland Brewdog 9.20% IPA Limited availability
Rasputin Netherlands De Molen 10.40% Imperial Stout
De la Senne Zinnebir Belgium Brasserie de la Senne 6.50% Belgian Ale Limited availability
Thornbridge Jaipur England Thornbridge Brewery 5.90% IPA Limited availability
Thornbridge Wild Raven England Thornbridge Brewery 6.60% Black IPA Limited availability
Jever Germany Friesisches Brauhaus 4.90% Pilsener
Black Sheep Ale England Black Sheep Brewery 4.40% Bitter Limited availability
Thornbridge Hall Bracia England Thornbridge Brewery 10% Dark Ale Limited availability
Mikkeller American Dream Denmark Mikkeller 4.60% Premium Lager Limited availability
Highway to Helles – Denim Edition Switzerland BFM 6.50% Pale Ale
Castel Ethiopia BGI 5.50% Lager
L’Abbaye de Saint Bon-Chien 2014 Switzerland BFM 11% Sour/Wild Ale
Rappigold Switzerland Bier Factory Rapperswil 4.80% Pale Ale
Corporate Monkey Switzerland Bier Factory Rapperswil 4.80% Lager
Blackbier Switzerland Bier Factory Rapperswil 4.60% Dry Stout
OH IPA Switzerland Bier Factory Rapperswil 6.70% IPA
Mystery Solved Double IPA Switzerland Bier Factory Rapperswil 8% Double IPA Limited availability
Heen & Weer Netherlands De Molen 9.20% Tripel Limited availability
Bommen & Granaten Netherlands De Molen 11.90% Barley Wine
Thornbridge Saint Petersburg England Thornbridge Brewery 7.40% Imperial Russian Stout Limited availability
Weihenstephaner Vitus Germany Staatsbrauerei Weihenstephan 7.70% Weizen Bock Limited availability
Kwak Belgium Kwak 8.40% Belgian Strong Ale
Orval Belgium Brasserie D’Orval 6.20% Belgian Ale Limited availability
Crew Republic 7:45 Escalation Germany Crew Republic 8.30% Double IPA Limited availability
Traquair Jacobite Ale Scotland Traquair 8% Traditional Ale
This. Is. Lager. Scotland Brewdog 4.70% Craft Pilsener
Cocoa Psycho Scotland Brewdog 10% Imperial Russian Stout Limited availability
Bombastus India Black Ale Switzerland Bier Factory Rapperswil 6% India Black Ale
Toccalmatto – Dudes Italy Birra Toccalmatto 12% Barley Wine Limited availability
Mout & Mocca Netherlands De Molen 11.60% Imperial Stout Limited availability
Nanny State Scotland Brewdog 0.50% Imperial Mild Ale
Shepherd Neame Bishops Finger England Shepherd Neame 5.40% Premium Bitter Limited availability
De la Senne Jambe de Bois Belgium Brasserie de la Senne 8% Tripel
De la Senne Taras Boulba Belgium Brasserie de la Senne 4.50% Belgian Ale
Chimay Grand Reserve Magnum Belgium Chimay 9% Belgian Strong Ale Limited availability
523 IPA Switzerland 523 7.20% IPA Limited availability
Lindemans Gueuze Belgium Lindemans 5% Geuze Limited availability
Chimay Grand Reserve 75cl Belgium Chimay 9% Belgian Strong Ale
Boon Kriek Mariage Parfait Belgium Boon 8% Fruit Lambic
Boon Geuze Mariage Parfait Belgium Boon 8% Geuze Limited availability
Abbaye de Saint Bon-Chien Grand Cru Lasciatemi Chiantare Switzerland BFM 11% Barrel Aged Sour Limited availability
Cantillon Gueuze 100% Lambic Bio 37.5cl Belgium Cantillon 5% Lambic Limited availability
Vagabond Pale Ale Scotland Brewdog 4.50% Gluten Free Pale Ale
La Saison √225 Switzerland BFM 6% Saison
Abbaye de Saint Bon-Chien Magnum Switzerland BFM 11% Sour/Wild Ale Limited availability
Sommer’s Tart Blonde Ale Switzerland Bier Factory Rapperswil 4.50% Golden Ale
Freudian Slip DK/US Evil Twin 10.30% Barley Wine Limited availability
Jaco & Sigrid Netherlands De Molen 4.50% American Pale Ale Limited availability
Vuur & Vlam Netherlands De Molen 6.20% IPA
Rasputin Bourbon Netherlands De Molen 11.40% Imperial Stout Limited availability
Rodenbach Caractère Rouge Belgium Rodenbach 7% Sour Red Limited availability
Gikiginger Red Session Ale Switzerland Bier Factory Rapperswil 4.70% Red Session Ale
Duvel Blonde .75cl Belgium Duvel 8.50% Belgian Strong Ale Limited availability
Störtebeker Pilsener-Bier Germany Störtebeker Braumanufaktur 4.90% Pilsener Limited availability
Karmeliet Tripel 75cl Belgium Browerij Bosteels 8.40% Tripel Limited availability
Thornbridge Tzara England Thornbridge Brewery 4.80% Kölsch Limited availability
Thornbridge Cocoa Wonderland England Thornbridge Brewery 6.80% Porter Limited availability
Rodenbach Rosso Belgium Rodenbach 4% Fruit Beer Limited availability
Bush Ambree Belgium Brasserie Dubuisson 12% Belgian Strong Ale Limited availability
St Bernardus Abt 12 Belgium Br St Bernard 10% Quadrupel Limited availability
St Bernardus Prior 8 Belgium Br St Bernard 8% Dubbel
Bzart Kriek Brut Nature Belgium Bzart 8% Kriek Limited availability
Bzart Lambiek Brut Nature Belgium Bzart 8% Lambic Limited availability
Bzart Triple Forte Brut Belgium Bzart 9.60% Tripel Limited availability
Velosophe Switzerland Velosophe 4.90% Lager Limited availability
Horal Oude Gueuze Mega Blend Belgium Horal/Boon 7% Geuze
Crooked Moon dIPA – Mikkeller Denmark Mikkeller 9% Double IPA Limited availability
Knock Knock Ned’s IPA – McGargles Ireland McGargles 6.50% IPA
Hitachino Nest White Ale Japan Kiuchi Brewery 5.50% Witbier
Hitachino Nest Red Rice Ale Japan Kiuchi Brewery 7% Rice Ale
Hitachino Nest Real Ginger Ale Japan Kiuchi Brewery 8% Ale with Ginger
HItachino Nest Weizen Japan Kiuchi Brewery 5.50% Weizen
Hitachino Nest Japanese Classic Ale Japan Kiuchi Brewery 7% IPA
Hitachino Nest Espresso Stout Japan Kiuchi Brewery 7% Imperial Stout
Hitachino Nest Nipponia Japan Kiuchi Brewery 8% Golden Ale
Bière de Zinal White Strawberry Yuzu Switzerland Bière de Zinal 5.50% White Fruit Beer Limited availability
Struise Imperialist Vintage 2015 Belgium Struise Browers 8.50% Imperial Lager Limited availability
Lindemans Oude Gueuze Cuvée René Special Blend 2010 Belgium Lindemans 6% Geuze Limited availability
Thornbridge Twin Peaks England Thornbridge Brewery 5% Pale Ale Limited availability
Oud Beersel Oude Geuze Vielle Belgium Oud Beersel 6% Geuze Limited availability
Birrificio Sottobisio Blonde Switzerland Birrificio Sottobisio 4.20% Pale Ale Limited availability
Birrificio Sottobisio IPA Switzerland Birrificio Sottobisio 6% IPA
Birrificio Sottobisio X Pochi Switzerland Birrificio Sottobisio 8.50% Imperial Stout Limited availability
Casablanca Marocco Société des Brasseries du Maroc 5% Lager
Weihenstephaner Infinium Germany/US Weihenstephaner/Sam Adams 10% Bock Limited availability
Liefmans Cuvée Brut Kriek Belgium Liefmans 6% Sour Red
Sin Frontera 33cl – Trois Dames Switzerland Trois Dames 5.69% Sour Ale Limited availability
Sin Frontera 75cl – Trois Dames Switzerland Trois Dames 5.69% Sour
Boon Framboise Belgium Boon 5% Lambic Limited availability
Skull Splitter – Orkney Brewery Scotland Orkney Brewery 8.50% Scotch Ale Limited availability
Westmalle Tripel 75cl Belgium Westmalle 9.50% Tripel Limited availability
Caldera Rauch Ur Bock US Caldera Brewing Company 7.40% Smoked Bock
Saison Dupont Belgium Brasserie Dupont 6.50% Saison
Alesmith Decadence 2014 US Alesmith 10% Wheat Wine Limited availability
Rogue Chocolate Stout US Rogue 6.50% Stout
Fancy Frank’s Lager – McGargles Ireland McGargles 4.50% Lager Limited availability
90Nove – Officina Della Birra Switzerland Officina Della Birra 4.60% Golden Ale
Innah – Officina della Birra Switzerland Officina della Birra 6% IPA
Valona – Officina della Birra Switzerland Officina della Birra 5.50% Amber Ale
Lisbeth – Officina della Birra Switzerland Officina della Birra 7.50% Pale Ale Limited availability
Straffe Hendrik Heritage 2014, Belgium Brouwerij De Haalve Maan 11% Quadrupel
Hitachino Nest Lager Japan Kiuchi Brewery 5.50% Lager
De Ranke Père Noël Belgium Brouwerij De Ranke 7% Belgian Ale
Shepherd Neame Christmas Ale England Shepherd Neame 7% English Strong Ale Limited availability
La Mère Noël Belgium Brouwerij Huyghe 8.40% Belgian Strong Ale
Kremlin – Officina della Birra Switzerland Officina della Birra 9% Imperial Stout
La Brouette Switzerland BFM 5% Spiced Limited availability
Birrificio Sottobisio Rye’On Switzerland Birrificio Sottobisio 6% ESB Limited availability
Islander IPA – Coronado US Coronado 7% IPA Limited availability
North Coast Old Rasputin US North Coast 9% Imperial Stout
Hemel & Aarde Netherlands De Molen 10% Imperial Stout
Thornbridge American Wheat Ale England Thronbridge Brewery/Brouwerij ‘T Ij 5.80% Wheat Ale
Thornbridge Otto Weizen Doppelbock England Thornbridge Brewery 8% Doppelbock Limited availability
Highbank Vintage Cider Ireland Highbank 6% Cider Limited availability
OroIncenso Officina della Birra
Rogue Yellow Snow IPA US Rogue 6.50% IPA
Leon – Belgian Blonde Ale Sweden Omnipollo 6.50% Belgian Ale
Bianca Mango Lassi Sweden Omnipollo 6% Gose
X&X Netherlands De Molen 8.80% Imperial IPA Limited availability
Rauchpils Denmark Mikkeller 4.60% Smoked Pils Limited availability
Gamma Ray – Beavertown England Beavertown 5.40% Pale Ale
Neck Oil – Beavertown England Beavertown 4.30% Session IPA
8 Ball – Beavertown England Beavertown 6.20% Rye IPA
Smog Rocket – Beavertown England Beavertown 5.40% Smoked Porter
Holy Cowbell – Beavertown England Beavertown 5.60% India Stout
Black Betty – Beavertown England Beavertown 7.40% Black IPA
Black Hole – Mikkeller Denmark Mikkeller 13.10% Imperial Stout
Lemke Berlin IPA Germany Lemke Berlin 6.50% IPA
Francis IPA – McGargles Ireland McGargles 7.10% Double IPA Limited availability
La Saison √225 Switzerland BFM 6% Saison
Maccabi Beer Israel Maccabi 5% Lager
Goldstar Israel Goldstar 4.90% Amber Limited availability
Outta Kilter – Hoppin Frog US Hoppin Frog 8.20% Wee Heavy
Barrel Aged Outta Kilter – Hoppin Frog US Hoppin Frog 8.20% BA Wee Heavy Limited availability
King Gose Home – Hoppin Frog US Hoppin Frog 6% Imperial Gose
Stout – Mont Salève France Brasserie du Mont Saleve 6.10% Stout
Rasputin Bourbon Barrel Netherlands De Molen 11% Imperial Stout Limited availability
Hel & Verdoemenis Bruichladdich Barrel Netherlands De Molen 12% Imperial Stout
St Bretta Meyer Lemon – Crooked Stave US Crooked Stave 5.80% Witbier
St Bretta Valencia Orange – Crooked Stave US Crooked Stave 5.80% Witbier
St Bretta Pomelo – Crooked Stave US Crooked Stave 5.80% Witbier
Logsdon Ales – Seizoen Bretta US Logsdon Ale 8% Saison
Kaleidoscope – EvilTwin/Toccalmatto Italy Evil Twin/Toccalmatto 6.50%
Green Gold – Mikkeller Denmark Mikkeller 7% IPA Limited availability
Drink’in Berliner Weisse – Mikkeller Denmark Mikkeller 2.80% Berliner Weisse Limited availability
HItachino Nest Non Ale Japan Hitachino Nest 0.30%
Pohjala Virmalised Estonia Pohjala 6.50% IPA
Pohjala Rukkiraak Estonia Pohjala 5.90% Rye Ale
Pohjala Must Kuld Cherry Estonia Pohjala 7.80% Porter
Pohjala Oo Estonia Pohjala 10.50% Imperial Baltic Porter
Jet Black Heart Scotland Brewdog 4.70% Oatmeal Milk Stout
Matuska Raptor Czech Republic Pivovar Matuska 6.30% IPA
Matuska Svetle Czech Republic Pivovar Matuska 5.50% Pilsner Limited availability
Lervig Oat IPA Norway Lervig 7.20% IPA Limited availability
Lervig Galaxy IPA Norway Lervig 6.50% IPA Limited availability
Lervig Konrad’s Stout Norway Lervig 10.40% Stout Limited availability
08|04 Stout – Irish Dry England Brew By Numbers 4.50% Stout
Kernel Export Stout England The Kernel 6.90% Stout
Amager Arctic Sunstone Denmark Amager/3 Floyds 6% Pale Ale Limited availability
Amager Arizona Beast Denmark Amager/Arizona Wilderness 7% IPA Limited availability
Amager Dragor Brown Denmark Amager 5.50% Brown Ale
Amager Wookie IPA Denmark Amager/Port Brewing 7.20% IPA Limited availability
Amager Hr. Frederiksen Denmark Amager 10.50% Imperial Stout
Stupid Stout – Coronado US Coronado 9% Imperial Stout
Skulls & Tentacles Holland De Molen/Zombier 11.50% Barley Wine
Hop Juice – Left Coast US Left Coast 9.70% Imperial IPA
Trestles IPA – Left Coast US Left Coast 6.80% IPA Limited availability
Carrack Imperial Red – Mission US Mission 10.20% Imperial Red Ale Limited availability
Shipwrecked Double IPA – Mission US Mission 9.25% Imperial IPA
Black House Coffee Stout – Modern Times US Modern Times 5.80% Stout
North Coast Old Stock Ale US North Coast 11.90% Old Ale
Brettanomyces Saison – Trois Dames Switzerland Trois Dames 6% Limited availability
4i Blanche de Blanc Switzerland VieriBrau (4i) 5.10% Pale Ale
#lovecraftbier Switzerland Bier Factory Rapperswil 4.70% Pale Ale
Schlenkerla Rauchbier Marzen Germany Brauerei Heller Bamberg 5.10% Rauchbier
Logsdon Straffe Drieling US Logsdon Farmhouse Ales 8.80% Tripel
American Barley Wine Netherlands Brouwerij Kees! 11.50% Barley Wine
Hypnopompa Sweden Omnipollo 11% Imperial Stout
Bianca Blueberry Lassi Gose, Sweden Omnipollo 3.50% Gose
Onda Sweden Omnipollo 5% Pale Ale
Dugges Guyana 2002 Sweden Dugges 10.40% Barley Wine
Dugges Guyana 2003 Sweden Dugges 10.40% Barley Wine
Dugges Jamaica 2000 Sweden Dugges 10% Barley Wine
Dugges Barbados 2000 Sweden Dugges 10.10% Barley Wine
Sugar Daddy Sweden Dugges 9.20% Stout
Black Current Sweden Dugges 4.50% Sour
Poppels DIPA Sweden Poppels 8% Double IPA
Poppels Russian Imperial Stout Sweden Poppels 9.50% Imperial Stout
Poppels American Pale Ale Sweden Poppels 5.40% Pale Ale
Toppling Goliath Rover Truck US Toppling Goliath 6.60% Sweet Stout
Toppling Goliath Golden Nugget US Toppling Goliath 7.20% IPA Limited availability
Bell’s Expedition Stout US Bell’s 10.50% Imperial Stout
Raspberry Trippelbock – Mikkeller US Mikkeller 13.10%
Beer Geek Vanilla Shake – Mikkeller Denmark Mikkeller 13% Oatmeal Stout Limited availability
Raspberry Quadrupelbock BA Bourbon US Mikkeller 13%
Nelson Sauvin Chardonnay – Mikkeller Denmark Mikkeller 9% Limited availability
Hel & Verdoemnis Port Charlotte BA Netherlands De Molen 11% BA Imperial Stout
Kaapse Gozer Netherlands Kaapse 9.80% Oatmeal Stout
Mademoiselle Barbe Rouge IPA – Mont Saleve France Brasserie du Mont Saleve 6% IPA Limited availability
Milk Stout – Mont Saleve France Brasserie du Mont Saleve 5% Milk Stout
Rye Porter – Mont Saleve France Brasserie du Mont Saleve 4.60% Porter
Tourbee – Mont Saleve France Brasserie du Mont Saleve 5.50% Smoked
Saison de L’Ouvrier Serpilla – Loverbeer Italy Loverbeer 5.80% Saison
BeerBrugna – Loverbeer Italy Loverbeer 7% Sour
Beerbera – Loverbeer Italy Loverbeer 8% Sour
Dama Bruna – Loverbeer Italy Loverbeer 8.40% Sour Red
For Fan – Loverbeer Italy Loverbeer 7% Sour
Nebiulin – a – Loverbeer Italy Loverbeer 8% Sour Limited availability
Brettanomyces Saison – Trois Dames Switzerland Trois Dames 6% Sour Limited availability
Degustator Switzerland BFM 4.67% Spiced Wheat Beer
Rogue Cold Brew IPA US Rogue 7.50% IPA Limited availability
Tegernseer Spezial Germany Brauhaus Tegernsee 5.60% Export
Storm & Anchor White India Pale Ale Switzerland Storm & Anchor 6.60% White IPA Limited availability
Biere de Zinal Amber Switzerland Biere de Zinal 5% Amber Ale Limited availability
Biere de Zinal T’as ou la Blonde Switzerland Biere de Zinal 5% Kolsch
Biere de Zinal Where are Black Sheeps Switzerland Biere de ZInal 6.20% Black IPA
Biere de Zinal/Blackwell Bahama Mama Switzerland Biere de Zinal/Blackwell 7.80% Porter BA
Biere de Zinal Sour Sour Galaxy IPA Swizerland Biere de Zinal 7,5% Sour IPA
Biere de Zinal USA Brown Switzerland Biere de Zinal 4.80% Brown Ale
Van Moll Toewijding Netherlands Van Moll 6.50% Belgian Ale
Van Moll Doerak Netherlands Van Moll 6.30% IPA
Van Moll Black Metal Manita Netherlands Van Moll 7.50% Black IPA
Van Moll Pastorale Netherlands Van Moll 5.50% Amber Ale
Van Moll Luikse Vechter Netherlands Van Moll 6% Traditional Ale
Van Moll Bermuda Netherlands Van Moll 5.50% Wheat Ale
Van Moll Ons Blackie Netherlands Van Moll 9% Imperial Stout
Van Moll Cocagne Netherlands Van Moll 8.50% Abbey Tripel
Van Moll Langharig Tuig Netherlands Van Moll 5.50% Wheat Ale
Stortebeker Baltik-Lager Germany Stortebeker Braumanufactur 5.50% Lager Limited availability
Alvinne Phi Belgium Alvinne 8% Sour
Alvinne Berliner Ryesse Belgium Alvinne 4.50% Berliner
Alvinne Wild West Blond Sour Belgium Alvinne 6% Blond Sour
Alvinne Wild West Blackthorn Edition BA Belgium Alvinne 6% BA Sour
Alvinne Land Van Mortagne Belgium Alvinne 12.80% Quadrupel
Alvinne Pays d’Erpigny Belgium Alvinne 12% Belgian Strong Ale
Alvinne Undressed Belgium Alvinne 6.90% Sour Red
Alvinne Lanti Belgium Alvinne 8% Fruit
Storm & Anchor Skinny Dipper Switzerland Storm & Anchor 6.10% IPA
25|05 White IPA – Citra Enigma England Brew By Numbers 6.70% White IPA
05|16 IPA – Centennial Mosaic Enigma England Brew By Numbers 6.30% IPA
01|17 Saison – Enigma & Nelson England Brew By Numbers 6.20% Saison Limited availability
07|07 Witbier – Orange England Brew By Numbers 5.40% Witbier
15|03 Black IPA – Mosaic England Brew By Numbers 6.20% Black IPA
Stone Arrogant Bastard Ale Germany Stone Berlin 7.20%
Black Hammer Scotland Brewdog 7.20% Black IPA
Cantillon Kriek 100% Lambic Bio Belgium Cantillon 6% Kriek Limited availability
Abstrakt AB:20 Scotland Brewdog 14.20% New! Limited availability
Mericana – Officina della Birra Officina della Birra New! Limited availability
523 Wolf Switzerland 523 6.80% IPA New!
Hopportunity Knocks US Caldera 6.80% IPA New!
Blackwell Brewery Apollo Saison Switzerland Blackwell Brewery 4.20% Saison New!
Tuatara Double Trouble New Zealand Tuatara 9% Double IPA New! Limited availability
8 Wired iStout New Zealand 8 Wired 10% Imperial Stout New! Limited availability
8 Wired Hopwired New Zealand 8 Wired 7.30% IPA New! Limited availability
8 Wired Tall Poppy New Zealand 8 Wired 7% Red Ale New!
8 Wired Hippy Berliner New Zealand 8 Wired 4% Berliner Weisse New!
8 Wired Le Fut New Zealand 8 Wired 6.70% Flanders Red New!
Yeastie Boys White Noise New Zealand Yesatie Boys 4.40% White Ale New!
Yeastie Boys Gunnamatta New Zealand Yeastie Boys 6.50% IPA New!
Yeastie Boys Rex Attitude New Zealand Yeastie Boys 7% Golden Ale New! Limited availability
Yeastie Boys I Am New Zealand Yeastie Boys 5.30% Golden Ale New!
Yeastie Boys PKB Remix 2015 New Zealand Yeastie Boys 7.50% Black IPA New!
Yeastie Boys Divine Hammer New Zealand Yeastie Boys 6.20% Amber Ale New!
Yeastie Boys Sly Persuader New Zealand Yeastie Boys 6% Pale Ale New!
Three Boys IPA New Zealand Three Boys 5.20% IPA New!
Tuatara Sauvinova New Zealand Tuatara 5,2% Pale Ale New!
Tuatara APA New Zealand Tuatara 5.80% APA New!
Renaissance Stonecutter New Zealand Renaissance brewing 7% Scotch Ale New!
Renaissance Craftsman New Zealand Renaissance Brewing 4.90% Oatmeal Stout New!
Renaissance Voyager New Zealand Renaissance Brewing 6% IPA New!
Boonies Marlborough XPA New Zealand Renaissance Brewing 5.80% Pale Ale New!
Boonies New Zealand Pilsner New Zealand Renaissance Brewing 5.50% Pilsner New!
Pohjala Virmalised Grapefruit Estonia Pohjala 6.50% IPA New!
Pohjala Odravein 2016 Estonia Pohjala 12% Barley Wine New!
Pohjala Mets Estonia Pohjala 7% Black IPA New!
Pohjala Routa Estonia Pohjala 6.70% IPA New!
Novabirra Big Mama Belgium Novabirra 8% Belgian Stout New! Limited availability
Little River Switzerland Bier Factory Rapperswil 5% Pale Ale New!
Cobb Called the Kettle Sour Switzerland Bier Factory Rapperswil 4.20% Corn Ale New!
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