Beers available – 23.11.2015

Welcome to our weekly Beer update.

Note that not all beers might be available on the following days.

If you can’t find the beer you’re looking for on our list, don’t hesitate to contact us and we’ll try to find it for you!

New Beer Brewery Size Vol Style Country Stock level
New! Upheavel IPA – Widmer Brothers Widmer Borthers Brewing 33cl 7.00% IPA US
New! Archie Pumpkin Ale Bier Factory Rapperswil 50cl
New! Avery IPA Avery Brewing 50cl 6.50% IPA US
New! Einstök Icelandic Doppelbock Einstök 30cl 6.70% Doppelbock Iceland
New! Blue Moon Cinnamon Horchata Coors Brewing Company 50cl 5.50% Spiced Witbier US
New! Hitachino Nest Lager Kiuchi Brewery 50cl 5.50% Lager Japan
New! De Ranke Père Noël Brouwerij De Ranke 50cl 7.00% Belgian Ale Belgium
New! La Guillotine Brouwerij Huyghe 33cl 8.50% Belgian Strong Ale Belgium Limited Availability!
New! Shepherd Neame Christmas Ale Shepherd Neame 33cl 7.00% English Strong Ale England Limited Availability!
New! Bush de Noël Premium Brasserie Dubuisson 50cl 12.00% Belgian Strong Ale Belgium Limited Availability!
New! La Mère Noël Brouwerij Huyghe 50cl 8.40% Belgian Strong Ale Belgium
New! Biere de Zinal Oud Cherry Biere de Zinal 50cl 7.20% Switzerland
New! Biere de Zinal Oud Blueberry Biere de Zinal 50cl 7.20% Switzerland
New! Biere de Zinal Oud Bruin Biere de Zinal 35cl 7.20% Switzerland
New! Biere de Zinal Fake Blond’ish Biere de Zinal 12oz 6.40% Sour Ale Switzerland
New! Biere de Zinal Mexican Voodoo Biere de Zinal 12oz 6.40% Milk Stout Switzerland
New! Biere de Zinal Easter Bunny Biere de Zinal 12oz 10.00% Imperial Stout Switzerland
New! Blackwell Brewery Chapter VII: A Mad Tea Party Blackwell Brewery 12oz 3.30% Berliner Weisse Switzerland
Ocho Reales Porter Cerveceria Regiomontana 5.00% Porter Mexico
Tijuana Guera Consorcio Cervecero de Baja California 4.60% Pilsener Mexico
Tijuana Morena Consorcio Cervecero de Baja California 4.80% Schwarzbier Mexico
Tijuana Rosarito Beach Consorcio Cervecero de Baja California 3.80% Lager Mexico
Tijuana Light Consorcio Cervecero de Baja California 3.50% Lager Mexico
Storm & Anchor Grizzly  Pear Storm&Anchor 7.30% Pear Saison Switzerland Limited Availability!
Allagash Black Allagash 7.50% Stout US
Allagash Tripel Allagash 9.00% Tripel US Limited Availability!
Allagash Saison Allagash 6.10% Saison US
Spencer Trappist Ale St Joseph’s Abbey 6.50% Belgian Ale US
Victory Hop Devil Victory Brewing 6.70% IPA US
Ocho Reales Ale Cerveceria Regiomontana 5.00% Brown Ale Mexico
Rogue Chocolate Stout Rogue 6.50% US
523/Brygger Ol This is Madness Uncle Vals 523\Brygger Ol 8.00% Switzerland Limited Availability!
Straffe Hendrik Tripel Brouwerij De Haalve Maan 9.00% Tripel Belgium Limited Availability!
Anchor California Lager Anchor 4.90% Lager US
Alesmith Speedway Stout Alesmith 12.00% Imperial Stout US
Straffe Hendrik Quadrupel Brouwerij De Haalve Maan 11.00% Quadrupel Belgium Limited Availability!
Hinterland Brewdog 9.00% Oatmeal Milk Stout Scotland Limited Availability!
Punk 50cl Can Brewdog 5.60% IPA Scotland
Caldera Old Growth Caldera Brewing Company 8.80% Imperial Stout US Limited Availability!
Caldera Mogli Caldera Brewing Company 8.50% Imperial Porter US Limited Availability!
Caldera Rauch Ur Bock Caldera Brewing Company 7.40% Smoked Bock US Limited Availability!
Prairie Artisan Ales Bible Belt Prairie Artisan Ales 13.00% Imperial Stout US Limited Availability!
Prairie Artisan Ales OK-Si Prairie Artisan Ales 12.00% Imperial Stout US Limited Availability!
Saison Dupont Brasserie Dupont 6.50% Saison Belgium
Alesmith Decadence 2014 Alesmith 10.00% Wheat Wine US Limited Availability!
Alesmith Old Numbskull Alesmith 11.00% Barley Wine US Limited Availability!
Nøgne Ø Tiger Triple Nøgne Ø 9.00% Tripel Norway Limited Availability!
Nøgne Ø Strandhogg Nøgne Ø 4.00% Gose Norway Limited Availability!
Nøgne Ø M.O.L.E. Nøgne Ø 9.00% Imperial Stout Norway Limited Availability!
Candy Kaiser Brewdog 5.20% Altbier Scotland Limited Availability!
Chodovar Prezident Chodovar 5.00% Pilsener Czech Republic Limited Availability!
Hacker-Pschorr Oktoberfest Marzen Hacker-Pschorr 5.80% Marzen Germany Limited Availability!
Paulaner Oktoberfest Bier Paulaner Brauerei 6.00% Germany
Weihenstephaner Festbier Weihenstephaner 5.80% Germany
Burg Braui Grasshopper Burg Braui 3.60% Witbier Switzerland Limited Availability!
17|01 Grisette – Mittelfruh Brew By Numbers 4.00% Saison England
03|04 Porter Bramling Cross Brew By Numbers 6.00% Porter England
11|12 Session IPA – Amarillo Brew By Numbers 4.00% Session IPA England
25|01 White IPA – Citra & Mosaic Brew By Numbers 7.00% White IPA England
Dark Island – Orkney Brewery Orkney Brewery 4.60% Old Ale Scotland Limited Availability!
Red MacGregor – Orkney Brewery Orkney Brewery 5.50% Red Ale Scotland Limited Availability!
Raven Ale – Orkney Brewery Orkney Brewery 3.70% Golden Ale Scotland Limited Availability!
Skull Splitter – Orkney Brewery Orkney Brewery 8.50% Scotch Ale Scotland
01|10 Saision – Classic Brew By Numbers 5.80% Saison England
02|14 Golden Ale – Pacifica & Wai-iti Brew By Numbers 5.50% Golden Ale England
Camba Pale Ale Camba Bavaria Germany Limited Availability!
Crew Republic Foundation Pale Ale Crew Republic
Camba Ei Pi Ai Camba Bavaria 8.00% IPA Germany Limited Availability!
Camba Hop Gun Camba Bavaria 6.40% Brown Ale Germany Limited Availability!
Camba German IPA Camba Bavaria 6.50% IPA Germany Limited Availability!
Rogue Brutal IPA Rogue 6.20% IPA US
Boon Framboise Boon 5.00% Lambic Belgium Limited Availability!
Maredsous 10 Maredsous 10.00% Tripel Belgium Limited Availability!
Maredsous 8 Maredsous 8.00% Belgium Limited Availability!
Chimay Cinq Cents Blonde Chimay 8.00% Belgium Limited Availability!
Hymn-Bier Sour Raspberry Ale Bier Factory Rapperswil Sour Ale Switzerland Limited Availability!
Liefmans Cuvee Brut Kriek Liefmans
La Fraicheur Framboise Trois Dames 4.80% Witbier w/fruit Switzerland Limited Availability!
IPA – Centennial Columbus – Trois Dames Trois Dames 6.50% IPA Switzerland Limited Availability!
Sin Frontera 33cl – Trois Dames Trois Dames Switzerland
Sin Frontera 75cl – Trois Dames Trois Dames
Casablanca Société des Brasseries du Maroc 5.00% Lager Marocco
Weihenstephaner Infinium Weihenstephaner/Sam Adams Germany/US Limited Availability!
Birrificio Sottobisio Barley Gran Riserva Birrificio Sottobisio 10& BA Barley WIne Switzerland Limited Availability!
Coopers Pale Ale Coopers Brewery 450.00% Pale Ale Australia Limited Availability!
Birra Peja Birra Peja 4.20% Lager Kosovo Limited Availability!
Birrificio Sottobisio Blonde Birrificio Sottobisio 4.20% Pale Ale Switzerland Limited Availability!
Birrificio Sottobisio Red Birrificio Sottobisio 6.70% Red Ale Switzerland Limited Availability!
Birrificio Sottobisio IPA Birrificio Sottobisio 6.00% IPA Switzerland
Birrificio Sottobisio Stout Birrificio Sottobisio 5.50% Stout Switzerland Limited Availability!
Birrificio Sottobisio X Pochi Birrificio Sottobisio 8.50% Imperial Stout Switzerland
Birrificio Sottobisio Barley Wine Birrificio Sottobisio 10.00% Barley Wine Switzerland Limited Availability!
Koyt Gruitbier Jopen 8.50% Traditional Ale Holland Limited Availability!
Thornbridge Twin Peaks Thornbridge 5.00% Pale Ale England Limited Availability!
Thornbridge I love you will you marry me Thornbridge Brewery 4.50% Strawberry Blond Ale England Limited Availability!
Jacobus RPA Jopen 5.50% Rye Pale Ale Holland Limited Availability!
Struise Imperialist Vintage 2015 Struise Browers 8.50% Belgium
Lindemans Oude Gueuze Cuvée René Special Blend 2010 Lindemans 6.00% Gueuze Belgium Limited Availability!
Struise Aestatis Vintage 2015 Struise Browers 11.00% Imperial Saison Belgium
Red Horse Beer Red Horse Limited Availability!
Hitachino Nest Nipponia Kiuchi Brewery Japan
Hitachino Nest White Ale Kiuchi Brewery 5.50% Wit Japan
Hitachino Nest Red Rice Ale Kiuchi Brewery 7.00% Rice Ale Japan
Hitachino Nest Real Ginger Ale Kiuchi Brewery 8.00% Ale with Ginger Japan
HItachino Nest Weizen Kiuchi Brewery 5.50% Weizen Japan
Hitachino Nest Japanese Classic Ale Kiuchi Brewery 7.00% IPA Japan
Hitachino Nest Espresso Stout Kiuchi Brewery 7.00% Imperial Stout Japan
Knock Knock Ned’s IPA – McGargles McGargles 6.50% IPA Ireland
Granny Mary’s Red Ale – McGargles McGargles Ireland
Liquid Confidence Cognac BA Tø Øl Tø Øl 12.20% Imperial Stout Denmark Limited Availability!
Dark Horse Plead the 5th Dark Horse 11.00% Imperial Stout US Limited Availability!
Extase De Dochter van de Korenaar 8.50% Double IPA Belgium
Dark Horse Double Crooked Tree Dark Horse 12.00% IIPA US Limited Availability!
Bravoure De Dochter van de Korenaar 7.50% Smoked Belgium
Belle-Fleur De Dochter van de Korenaar 6.00% IPA Belgium
11|11 Session IPA- Amarillo & Simcoe Brew By Numbers 4.00% Session IPA England
Beer Geek Brunch Weasel Mikkeller 10.90% Imperial Stout Denmark Limited Availability!
Storm & Anchor Mosaic Brown Storm & Anchor 7.20% Brown Ale Switzerland
Horal Oude Gueuze Mega Blend Horal/Boon 7.00% Gueuze Belgium
Préaris Blonde Préaris 6.00% Blonde Belgium
Velosophe Velosophe Switzerland Limited Availability!
Bündner Bier Brauerei Chur 4.90% Switzerland
Dogfish 90 Minute IPA Dogfish Head 9.00% Imperial IPA US
Oskar Blues Chub Scotch Ale Oskar Blues 8.00% Scotch Ale US Limited Availability!
3 Fonteinen Oude Geuze 3 Fonteinen 6.00% Belgium
Bzart Kriek Brut Nature Bzart 8.00% Belgium Limited Availability!
Bzart Lambiek Brut Nature Bzart 8.00% Belgium Limited Availability!
Bzart Triple Forte Brut Bzart 9.60% Belgium Limited Availability!
Struise Ypres Reserva De Struise Belgium
Bush Ambree Brasserie Dubuisson 12.00% Belgian Strong Ale Belgium
St Bernardus Abt 12 Br St Bernard 10.00% Quadrupel Belgium
St Bernardus Prior 8 Br St Bernard 8.00% Dubbel Belgium
Hopfenstopfer Comet IPA Häffner Bräu 6.80% IPA Germany Limited Availability!
Rodenbach Rosso Rodenbach 4.00% Fruit Beer Belgium Limited Availability!
Thornbridge Cocoa Wonderland Thornbridge Brewery 6.80% Porter England
Toccalmatto – Grand Cru Toccalmatto 9.00% Belgian Strong Ale Italy Limited Availability!
Toccalmatto – Stray Dog Toccalmatto 4.20% Bitter Italy Limited Availability!
Thornbridge Tzara Thornbridge Brewery 4.80% Kolsch England Limited Availability!
Thornbridge Bear State Thornbridge Brewery 7.00% IPA Enlgand Limited Availability!
Brewfist Spaghetti Western Brewfist/Prairie Artisan Ales 8.70% Imperial Stout Italy
Brewfist Terminal Brewfist 3.70% Pale Ale Italy Limited Availability!
Karmeliet Tripel 75cl Browerij Bosteels 8.40% Tripel Belgium Limited Availability!
11|06 Session IPA – Simcoe Brew By Numbers 4.60% Session IPA England
La Chouffe Blonde .33cl La Chouffe 8.00% Belgian Ale Belgium Limited Availability!
08|01 Stout – Export Stout Brew By Numbers 6.10% Stout England
Störtebeker Pilsener-Bier Störtebeker Braumanufaktur 4.90% germany
Maximus Brutus Maximus Brouwerij 6.00% Amber Lager Holland Limited Availability!
Maximus Stout Maximus Brouwerij 6.00% Stout Holland Limited Availability!
Duvel Blonde .75cl Duvel 8.50% Belgian Strong Ale Belgium Limited Availability!
La Chouffe Blonde .75cl La Chouffe 8.00% Belgian Ale Belgium Limited Availability!
Uebergrenade – Trois Dames / Storm&Anchor Trois Dames/Storm&Anchor 5.70% Berliner Weisse Switzerland
Rodenbach Caractere Rouge Rodenbach Limited Availability!
Pale Ale Citra De Molen 4.80% Pale Ale Holland Limited Availability!
Amarillo De Molen 33cl 9.30% Imperial IPA Holland
523 Pacific Imperial IPA 523 33cl 7.96% IIPA Switzerland
Jaco & Sigrid De Molen 33cl 4.50% American Style Pale Ale Holland Limited Availability!
Storm & Anchor Beast Double IPA Storm & Anchor 9.70% Double IPA Switzerland Limited Availability!
Vladibier Russian Imperial Stout Bier Factory Rapperswil 9.00% Imperial Stout Switzerland Limited Availability!
Sommer’s Blonde Ale Bier Factory Rapperswil Switzerland
Vagabond Pale Ale Brewdog 4.50% Gluten Free Pale Ale Scotland
La Trappe Quadrupel La Trappe Holland
Gusswerk Nicobar IPA Gusswerk 6.40% IPA Austria Limited Availability!
Dogma Brewdog 7.40% Scotch Ale Scotland Limited Availability!
Boon Kriek Mariage Parfait Boon 8.00% Fruit Lambic Belgium
Boon Geuze Mariage Parfait Boon Belgium
Abbaye de Saint Bon-Chien Grand Cru Vin Jaune Vol.3 BFM Barrel aged Sour Switzerland Limited Availability!
Duchesse De Bourgogne Br. Verhaeghe Vichte 6.20% Sour Red Belgium
Chimay Grand Reserve 75cl Chimay Belgium Limited Availability!
Lindemans Gueuze Lindemans Limited Availability!
Stouterik Brasserie de la Senne 4.50% Belgium
Negra Modelo Cerveceria Modelo Mexico Limited Availability!
Chimay Grand Reserve Jeroboam Chimay 9.00% Belgian Strong Ale Belgium Limited Availability!
De la Senne Jambe de Bois Brasserie de la Senne 8.00% Tripel Belgium
De la Senne Taras Boulba Brasserie de la Senne 4.50% Belgian Ale Belgium
Chimay Grand Reserve Magnum Chimay Belgium Limited Availability!
Delta Beer Project Brussels 6.00% Belgian  IPA Belgium
Köstritzer Schwarzbier Köstritzer Schwarzbierbrauerei 4.80% Schwarzbier Germany Limited Availability!
Diebel’s Alt Brauerei Diebels 4.90% Altbier Germany Limited Availability!
Berliner Kindl Weisse Berliner Kindl Schultheiss Brauerei Germany
Shepherd Neame Bishops Finger Shepherd Neame England Limited Availability!
Toccalmatto – Zona Cesarini Birra Toccalmatto 75cl 6.60% IPA Italy Limited Availability!
Mout & Mocca De Molen 33cl 11.60% Imperial Stout Holland Limited Availability!
Nanny State Brewdog 0.50% Imperial Mild Ale Scotland
Dark Sister Beer Project Brussels 6.66% Belgian Black IPA Belgium
Old H Imperial Honey Ale Bier Factory Rapperswil 8.50% Honey Ale Switzerland
This. Is. Lager. Brewdog 4.70% Pilsner Scotland Limited Availability!
Cocoa Psycho Brewdog 10.00% Imperial Russian Stout Scotland
Crew Republic Detox Crew Republic 3.40% Session IPA Germany
Rogue Hazlenut Brown Ale Rogue 6.20% Brown Ale US
Sierra Nevada Torpedo Sierra Nevada 7.20% IPA US Limited Availability!
Traquair Jacobite Ale Traquair 8.00% Traditional Ale Scotland
Crew Republic 7:45 Escalation Crew Republic 8.30% Double IPA Germany Limited Availability!
Fraicheur Du Soir – Trois Dames Trois Dames 7.00% Witbier Switzerland Limited Availability!
Grande Dame – Trois Dames Trois Dames 7.00% Sour Brown Switzerland Limited Availability!
Karmeliet Tripel Browerij Bosteels 8.40% Tripel Belgium
Kwak Kwak 8.40% Belgian Strong Ale Belgium Limited Availability!
Orval Brasserie D’Orval 6.20% Belgian Ale Belgium
Weihenstephaner Vitus Staatsbrauerei Weihenstephan 7.70% Weizen Bock Germany Limited Availability!
Harviestoun Ola Dubh 12 Harviestoun Brewery Scotland Limited Availability!
Saison Houblon – Trois Dames Trois Dames 6.00% Saison Switzerland Limited Availability!
Thornbridge Charlie Brown Thornbridge Brewery 6.20% Brown Ale England
Thornbridge Saint Petersburg Thornbridge Brewery 7.40% Imperial Russian Stout England Limited Availability!
Harviestoun Old Engine Oil Harviestoun Brewery 6.00% Black Ale Scotland
Sierra Nevada Pale Ale Sierra Nevada 5.60% American Pale Ale US
Heen & Weer De Molen 9.20% Tripel Holland Limited Availability!
IPA Trois Dames Trois Dames 6.30% IPA Switzerland Limited Availability!
Bommen & Granaten De Molen 11.90% Barley Wine Holland
Sorachi Ace Bitter – Mont Salève Brasserie du Mont Salève 2.50% Session IPA France Limited Availability!
Jolly Pumpkin – Luciérnaga Jolly Pumpkin 6.50% Belgian Ale US Limited Availability!
Rappigold Bier Factory Rapperswil 4.80% Pale Ale Switzerland Limited Availability!
Mystery Solved Double IPA Bier Factory Rapperswil Switzerland Limited Availability!
Cobra Premium Cobra 4.80% Lager India Limited Availability!
Castel BGI 33cl 5.50% Lager Ethiopia
L’Abbaye de Saint Bon-Chien 2014 BFM 37.5 Sour/Wild Ale Switzerland Limited Availability!
Pasionaria – Trois Dames Trois Dames 9.00% Double IPA Switzerland Limited Availability!
Thornbridge Hall Imperial Raspberry Stout Thornbridge Brewery 10.00% Imperial Stout England Limited Availability!
Thornbridge Hall Bracia Thornbridge Brewery 10.00% Dark Ale England Limited Availability!
Thornbridge Jaipur Thornbridge Brewery 5.90% IPA England
Thornbridge Wild Raven Thornbridge Brewery 6.60% Black IPA England Limited Availability!
Jever Friesisches Brauhaus 4.90% Germany
Black Sheep Ale Black Sheep Brewery 4.40% England
De la Senne Zinnebir Brasserie de la Senne 6.50% Belgian Ale Belgium Limited Availability!
Hardcore IPA Brewdog 9.20% IPA Scotland Limited Availability!
Brewfist 2 Late IPA Brewfist 9.50% Imperial IPA Italy Limited Availability!
Paceña Paceña 4.80% Pale Lager Bolivia Limited Availability!
Tegernseer Hell Brauhaus Tegernsee 4.80% Helles Germany
Weihenstephaner Hefe Weissbier Staatsbraurei Weihenstephan 5.40% Hefeweizen Germany
Weihenstephaner Hefeweissbier Dunkel Staatsbrauerei Weihenstephan 5.30% Hefeweizen – Dunkel Germany
Störtebeker Schwarz-Bier Störtebeker Braumanufaktur 5.00% Germany
Störtebeker Glüh-Bier Störtebeker Braumanufaktur 5.00% Glühbier Germany
Rogue 7 Hop IPA Rogue 65cl 8.02% Imperial IPA US
Thornbridge Kipling Thornbridge Brewery 5.20% Pale Ale England
James Boag’s Premium Lager J. Boag & Son 5.00% Lager Australia Limited Availability!
Polar Empresas Polar 4.50% Pale Lager Venezuela Limited Availability!
Cusqueña Backus y Johnston 4.80% Pale Lager Peru Limited Availability!
Gordon Xmas Anthony Martin 33cl 8.80% Strong Brown Ale Belgium
Früh Kölsch Cölner Hofbräu Früh KG 50cl 5.20% Kölsch Germany
Deus Brut des Flandres Brouwerij Bosteels 11.50% Belgian Strong Ale Belgium Limited Availability!
N’Ice Chouffe de Noel – Grande Chouffe 750ml 10.00% Belgium
Delirium Christmas Brasserie Huyghe 10.00% Belgium
N’Ice Chouffe Chouffe 330ml 10.00% Brune D’Hiver Belgium
Quilmes Cerveceria Malteria Quilmes SAICAY 355ml 4.90% Pale Lager Argentina
Faxe Dose Royal Unibrew 33cl 4.60% Lager Denmark Limited Availability!
Astra Urtyp Bavaria-St.Pauli-Brauerei 33cl 4.90% Pilsener Germany
Augustiner Lager Hell Augustiner-Bräu 50cl 5.20% Helles Germany
Rothaus Tannen-Zäpfle Pils Badische Staatsbrauerei Rothaus 33cl 5.10% Pilsener Germany Limited Availability!
Augustiner Edelstoff Augustiner-Bräu 50cl 5.60% Helles Germany
Störtebeker Atlantic Ale Störtebeker Braumanufaktur 50cl 5.10% American Pale Ale Germany Limited Availability!
Franziskaner Weissbier Naturtrüb Dose Spaten-Franziskaner-Bräu 50cl 5.00% Hefeweizen Germany
Störtebeker Bernstein-Weizen Bio Störtebeker Braumanufaktur 50cl 5.30% Hefeweizen Germany
Cubanero Bucanero 35cl 5.40% Pale Lager Cuba Limited Availability!
Tyskie Browary Ksia˛z˙e˛ce 50cl 5.50% Pale Lager Poland Limited Availability!
Baltika No. 7 Baltika Brewery 50cl 5.40% Pale Lager Russia
Efes Dose Anadolu Efes 50cl 5.00% Pilsener Turkey Limited Availability!
Flying Dog Raging Bitch Flying Dog Brewery 12oz 8.30% IPA US
St. George Lager BGI 33cl 4.70% Lager Ethiopia
St. George Amber BGI Ethiopia
L’Abbaye de Saint Bon-Chien 2014, BFM 75cl 11.00% Sour/Wild Ale Switzerland Limited Availability!
Wright Flight Sudwerk 50cl 4.80% Weizen Switzerland Limited Availability!
Libertine Black Ale Brewdog Scotland
Ashtray Heart Evil Twin 12oz 8.90% Smoked Stout DK/US
Amerikaans De Molen 33cl 4.50% Bitter Holland
Blikken & Blozen De Molen 33cl 8.50% Saison Holland Limited Availability!
Hemel & Aarde Bourbon BA De Molen 33cl 11.00% Imperial Stout Holland
Nøgne Ø Pale Ale Nøgne Ø 50cl 6.00% Pale Ale Norway Limited Availability!
Nøgne Ø  Imperial Stout Nøgne Ø 500ml 9.00% Imperial Stout Norway Limited Availability!
Punk IPA Brewdog 33cl 5.60% IPA Scotland
Five AM Red Ale Brewdog 33cl 5.00% Amber Ale Scotland Limited Availability!
Dead Pony Pale Ale Brewdog 33cl 3.80% Session IPA Scotland Limited Availability!
Jack Hammer Brewdog 33cl 7.40% IPA Scotland
Chimay Brune (Bleue) Chimay 33cl 9.00% Belgian Strong Ale Belgium
Chimay Rousse Rouge Chimay 33cl 7.00% Dubbel Belgium
Chimay Blonde Triple Chimay 33cl 8.00% Tripel Belgium Limited Availability!
Chimay Dorée Chimay 33cl 4.80% Belgian Ale Belgium Limited Availability!
Rochefort 10 Rochefort 33cl 11.30% Quadrupel Belgium
Westmalle Dubbel Trappisten van Westmalle 33cl 7.00% Dubbel Belgium
Westmalle Tripel Trappisten van Westmalle 33cl 9.50% Tripel Belgium
Duvel Blonde Duvel Moortgat 33cl 8.50% Belgian Strong Ale Belgium
Lindemans Kriek Lindemans 25cl 4.00% Lambic Style – Fruit Belgium
Lindemans Pêcheresse Lindemans 25cl 2.50% Lambic Style – Fruit Belgium
Old Peculier Theakstons 500ml 5.60% Old Ale England Limited Availability!
Crew Republic Drunken Sailor Crew Republic 6.40% IPA Germany
St-Feuillien Mathusalem St Feuillien 6000ml Belgium Limited Availability!
Tijuana Bufadora Consorcio Cervecero de Baja California 7.50% Bock Mexico
3 Fonteinen Oude Geuze 75cl 3 Fonteinen 355ml 6.00% Geuze Belgium Limited Availability!
Oud Beersel Oude Geuze Vielle 75cl Oud Beersel 37cl 6.00% Oude Geuze Belgium Limited Availability!
Birrificio Sottobisio 3D Double IPA Birrificio Sottobisio 33cl 8.00% Double IPA Switzerland Limited Availability!
90Nove – Officina Della Birra Officina Della Birra 100cl 4.60% Golden Ale Switzerland
Innah – Officina della Birra Officina della Birra 33cl 6.00% IPA Switzerland
Valona – Officina della Birra Officina della Birra 33cl 5.50% Switzerland
Lisbeth – Officina della Birra Officina della Birra 50cl 7.50% Pale Ale Switzerland
Innis & Gunn – Rum Finish Innis & Gunn 50cl 6.80% Soctland
Kitchen Brew Session IPA Kitchen Brew 33cl 4.50% Session IPA Switzerland Limited Availability!
Kitchen Brew Cascade Amber Ale Kitchen Brew 50cl 5.80% Amber Ale Switzerland Limited Availability!
Liechtensteiner Alpagold Liechtensteiner Brauhaus 50cl 4.80% Lager Liechtenstein Limited Availability!
Storm & Anchor Harvest Saison Storm & Anchor 50cl 6.50% Saison Switzerland
Liechtensteiner Weiza Liechtensteiner Brauhaus 50cl Limited Availability!
Straffe Hendrik Heritage 2013 Brouwerij De Haalve Maan 50cl 11.00% Belgium
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