Beavertown Neck Oil (6 Pack)
6 pack, 33 cl

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The idea was to create a beer that we could drink from 8am in the morning, all day, every day! A brew that you could make your ‘go to’ at any time and still function. So we took decided that this needed to be low ABV, ultra-pale, crisp, light and bang on in your face with the hops! The name comes from an old Black Country term in the middle of England my Great Granddad used to shout on his way out the door: “I’m going down the pub for a pint of neck oil!” Basically he wanted to drink his favourite local beer on mass and lube his thirst after a long hard day in the foundry. This is exactly what we do at the brewery. It’s our everyday, all day, go to Session IPA.

Malt Extra Pale
Hops Magnum, Columbus, Centennial, Simcoe, Amarillo, Galaxy, Vic Secret, Mosaic. 

Country: England
Brewery: Beavertown
Style: Hoppy, Session IPA
Pack size: 6
Container size: 33 cl
Alcohol by volume: 4.3%

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