De Struise Pannepot Old Fisherman (2015)
33 cl

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At Struise, we love all the beers we make. However, if there should be only one that we should call our ‘flagship’ with right and reason, it’s Pannepot. After a lifetime of brewing tasty, but ‘safer’ beers, this was our first venture into a world of extremities and has a great deal of responsibility in making us into what we are today.

This ‘Old Fisherman’s Ale’, named after the fishing trawlers on which men would risk life and limb to feed their families, sits somewhere in between a Belgian strong dark ale and a stout. It pours a luscious dark brown with a creamy tan head. Each sip hits you with complex flavors of toasty bitterness and deep caramel sweetness. With all its dark and strong complexity, this beer lends itself perfectly to all types of barrel-aging, which is exactly what we've done. We've aged it on various different barrels, including bourbon and calvados. Don't miss out and try it soon! As of 2016 the abv is 12%

Country: Belgium
Brewery: De Struise Brouwers
Style: Belgian Ale, Belgian Style
Container size: 33 cl
Alcohol by volume: 10%

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