Lervig Paragon 2020

Lervig Paragon 2020
37.5 cl

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Lervig Paragon 2020
This year’s vintage is a blend of 3 batches aged on average for 18 months in bourbon barrels. With an OG of 28,9 giving it an ABV of 12,6%. This year’s version is the first time used in the new Rackhouse format, but like always Paragon has a deep dark reddish-browncolor almost stout like in appearance, with a gentle carbonation and a tan packed head. The beer has full body which coats your tongue giving its flavors of caramel, toffee, dried fruits and a slightly chocolate finish. The inherited barrel characteristics give the warming bourbon, coconut and of course bourbon, although a bit subdued bourbon notes in this year’s version much like the 2019. We hope you enjoy this as much as Lervig enjoy making it, this is one of if not their proudest beer to make, they try to deliver world class brewed in Norway!

Country: Norway
Brewery: Lervig
Style: Barleywine, barrelaged
Container size: 37.5 cl
Alcohol by volume: 12.6%

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