Mister B Boh 11
33 cl

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A QUADRUPLE NEIPA over our limit for the style in everything, as we like it.

A beer brewed with the double mash tech for one “no boil” session, a complex grist with also rolled oats, puffed wheat and candied sugar.

Hopped in Hot side with long hop-stand using fresh Italian hops “Denali” variety of Italian Hops Company. Dry-hopped in different times and temperatures with the Belma, Lemondrop and Topaz varieties for almost 40 gr/lt.

Soft but complex, sweet but bitter, contradicting everything but for sure with its 11% abv this winter will be warmer.

Country: Italy
Brewery: Mister B
Style: Hoppy, New England IPA
Container size: 33 cl
Alcohol by volume: 11%

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